The Directors Comments


Director, Scenariowriter, Producer and Camera Operator: Iris Boersma


I'm a starting filmmaker. It was amazing to directing and filming this movie. The actors did a good job.

I recorded this movie in just four recordingdays. Long English scripts were somethimes a little bit difficult for these Dutch actors. But they did it right enough.

It's was heavy, but you make a movie with love for this job.

The story is my inspiration of my believe in spiritual things, like there's more between heaven and earth, I believe in reeincarnation, and the difference between bad and evil at this world. Everything have a reason. Nothing will happen as coincidence. And I also love ancient civilisations like charakter Fajara.

The Ancient Egyptians were a high intelligent civilisation. I think they knowed much more about the universe than we now, in the 21st century.

I don't know or wormholes and timetravel by wormholes really exsist. But the universe is big, and maybe there are more worlds like this world. Or better worlds with no wars, murders, and other evil.