The Story of the film


The movie: The 5th Dimension tells a beautiful story of a new era (Predictions of the maya calendar 2012, called a 5th dimension) Based on poems of poet: Helena van Rijsoort who had written about a new era & a new awarness of humanity.

Starring: Anna Bontekoe, Nick Kames, Anita Stuts & Stanley Yard      
Year: 2012. Directed by Iris Boersma. Genre: Drama/Sciene Fiction
Language: English. ©Shine Irish Productions
(Dutch English Filmworks) Playtime: 45 minutes

Story: The 16 year old Fajara lives alone with her addicted mother who's smokes and drinks a lot. Fajara is interested in Ancient Civilisations and their mysteries. She believe in timetravel and paranormal things. Her father died by a car accident when she was still a child. Fajara can talk only about these things with her best friend and lover, Roy. Roy likes adventure. After he watched a documentary about a wormhole mystery in the forest where the three northern regions of the country meet, he want to find out with Fajara or it is real or not. Also because Fajara had a strange nightmare what was on the spot of the potential portal enacted

But during their visit to the oracle in the woods, inexplicable things happen and they hear strange paranormal noises.
Then they discover something, but they did never expect this, a invisible world between heaven and earth ..... Their mysterious journey has only just begun